No more Christian talk radio for me


So I am driving back from my allergist’s office and I decide to tune into the Christian talk radio station, 100.7. Two gentlemen were discussing tolerance, I think in regard to homosexuality and the church. The younger person(I have heard him before, I think he has a ministry about dating) was talking about one of his band friends. This friend and him go into a Christian book store, and his friend has crazy hair(I guess maybe it is colored and shaved funky) piercings and chain (I think even tattoos); just looks like he went on a shopping spree at Hot Topic(that is my analogy). Someone in the store asked if his dress hurt the testimony of Christ, and the guy said no. This same person goes on to ask what would people think if this guy walked into a church. He says they would call him a freak.

Now the best part is his analogy. He goes on to say that had John the Baptist walked into a synagogue during his time with his crazy hair, eating crazy things, etc, they would of called him a freak, and he was the forbearer of Christ. So John the Baptist colored his hair, wore piercings, and had tattoos? NO! He might of had crazy hair from not grooming it constantly, could have been a little dirty too. Also his clothes might have been a little ragged, so he might have looked like a present day bum. Of course, as my wife pointed he spent a lot of time in the water, so he might have been fairly clean :) . Comparing John the Baptist to a man who doesn’t want to give up his worldly lifestyle is not even in the same universe.

When will they learn!

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