USA a Christian Nation?… we are NOT Israel!

I was coming home late last night and was listening to the Alan Colmes radio show. He was discussing the national day of prayer with Dan Patrick(not sure of the name), a radio host from Houston. Mr. Patrick was saying that since this nation was founded on Christian values, he says, it is valid for the government to have a national day of prayer. Of course, Mr. Colmes disagreed, but what I heard later was very interesting. Mr. Patrick basically said that the USA has been blessed, as can be seen by our success in economy, etc. The USA only represents 6% of the population, he said, but we have done so much and it is a sign of God’s blessing on the USA. Mr. Colmes brought up a good point, the US government is not a theocracy.

I guess my question for Mr. Patrick is, are we a chosen nation like Israel? That was my first reaction. I believe that God can work through anything, God told Abraham that through him all nations will be blessed. Now maybe some of the modern versions have changed it, but I didn’t see the words “USA only” any is that verse. Now in the beginning of this nation, a large amount of the people were professing Christians so any of the honest success is attributed to the Lord. I guess I am trying to say is that the USA is NOTHING like Israel, as we are not his chosen people. We do not consider the Constitution as scripture. God’s chosen people are those who have faith in Jesus Christ, nothing more, nothing less. The USA of today is nothing like the one back then, and it will continue to only get worse.

I believe this is part of the whole “revival” mentality, which I have discussed many times.

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