Beware of the teaching of Doug Batchelor


This is a discernment warning to all Christians. Doug Batchelor is a Seven Day Adventist who has a radio program called Amazing Facts along with My wife and I heard him the other night on a local AM station and I am glad I decided to check out his site. I didn’t see it mentioned on the pages that I viewed, but you can Google his name and find the connection. What tipped me off was the obsession with the idea that the catholic church moved the sabbath from Sat to Sunday. This is a BIG deal to SDA’s. Please do not support his ministry with money and pray that he is shown the truth.

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  1. Your warning has not offered any proof for anything wrong with the teaching of Doug Batchelor. To me you seem to be a mere jelous person the succes of Doug.

    I am a RC because my whole family are Catholics, but still I have accepted the pfoofs provided by Doug that we really changed the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. I am still thinking serious to convert from my current RC to any other church if will get more light on the topic.

    My advice to you is that, don’t expose your hatred for successive people, just create your own website and begin to sell your ideas, if you will convince people (including me) will join you.

    Be blessed …

  2. Mrs. Abraham says:

    I agree with the person above and i think he was just warning people. This isn’t about being jelous. I have listened to Doug Batchelor teach many times. He masks the truth by feeding people’s egos and making them think that he is an authority on a subject when in reality he is teaching his own belief system. If you study chapters of the bible that he refers too you will even see how he skips scriptures to only emphasize his points. I have seen other ministers do this but who are actually just staying on point. Doug on the other hands grossly ignores true things the bible says that contradict whatever it is he is teaching. Some of his stuff is good but that is how deception works. You trick people into believing something you say so they will believe all. There are many numerous examples i could give but it would take way too long. My only advice is the most simple. Read your own bible and study the scriptures. If you don’t do this…you won’t stand a chance against further deception. I’m glad i know what the bible teaches and what Jesus teaches.

  3. firewalker says:

    How about the fact that neither the catholic church, nor seventh day adventist, or the mormons or Islam or ten thousand other false religions ever teach or believe John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever belieth in him(talking about Jesus here people, not some sinning priest or false teacher) shall not perish, but have eternal life. Jesus is the only way to heaven people. you don’t get there by works, or confessing your sin to another sinner a priest, or thinking you have to pay penance or worship mary mother of God( who by the way was also a sinner who needed Christ to forgive her sin and give her eternal life) The absolute only way to have eternal life is to ask Jesus to forgive your sins, to wash you clean with his blood that was shed on the cross, to repent of your sin and ask Jesus to come into your heart. Only then are you truely saved. Your name will be written in the lamb( Jesus) book of life. Thats it. rEAD GOD true word in The REAL king James Bible, not the mormon or catholic revised lying or deceptive bibles, KJV John 3: 1-17 I will pray that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to the truth. God bless

  4. midije says:

    firewalker, I would like to ask you a question and that is what does it mean to believe in Jesus as John 3:16 says? I believe that the following verses help us understand what this means because they also tell you how to receive eternal life:
    Matthew 19:16-29
    John 6:53-54
    Matthew 10:22-24
    Mark 16:16
    John 10:9
    Acts 2:21
    Romans 10:13-17
    1peter 4:16-19
    1Corinthians 15:1-2
    John 1:12
    2Tim 3:5

  5. midije says:

    Read Revelation 3:5
    Only those who overcome By believing in Jesus names will stay in the book of life.

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