Bible study project

3 months, but I am back.

Ok. I have been engaged in a fairly in-depth study to examine who really is Jesus Christ. Of course, I believe He is God in the flesh, but I wanted to dig deeper in the Word to see what I have might have glossed over. I went through the Gospels and now I almost finished with the OT. I am focusing on verses that talk about God with regard to creation, forgiving sins, knowing a man’s heart, being our only Saviour, etc: characteristics given to God that are also shared by Jesus Christ. It has been a most fascinating study and I have noticed many things, especially in the Gospels, that I didn’t really notice before.

I am aware this study is nothing new, but I do recommend every Christian to do the same study. When I finish, I will put it into a nice, readable format for download and maybe also on the web. I think it will be a very good guide to use when dealing with any cult that dishonors the Son of God.

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