Major bible study is moving along

Last Friday, I finished Revelation. I am now going through the process of taking the verses I found, categorizing them (I did this mainly during my study) and putting like verses together on my computer. My ETA for releasing this study will be in 2 weeks, Lord willing of course. I first plan to make in available in Word and PDF and eventually online in html. I am very excited in publishing this study because I have learned so much and I pray it will benefit many others also. I hope it can be an effective tool when dealing with God-manifest-in-the-flesh deniers like the Jehovah Witnesses and other cults. The format I am shooting for is as follows:

1. Brief introduction describing the purpose of the study
2. Easy, category-based layout showing the verses describing the LORD and then the parallel verse shared by our Lord Jesus Christ.
3. I might include rhetorical questions that should make the Christ-deniers use their brain.

I have found a few studies on-line but from what I can recall they didn’t try to cover the whole bible. I will admit I might have missed some verses, so please feel free to offer suggestions. I wanted to collect a mountain of evidence and also see for myself what the OT had to say about it. What really struck me was the little mentioned things like Jesus knowing the thoughts of men, which is something I didn’t pick up on the first few times or didn’t really fully understand the context and implications.

In Christ,

Brandon Giromini

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