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Transcript from a mega church pastor praising the pope

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

This is a transcript from a worship service at First Baptist Hendersonville right after the pope’s death. A fellow saint wrote this up to show how the evangelicals are falling all over themselves praising the pope.

Glenn Weekly’s praise for the pope on Sunday morning, 4/3/2005

[Speaking to the congregation]
Today, we come to pray. We come to pray for our country. We come to pray for one another. We come to pray for the whole of Christendom today. We’ve lost a great leader. Listen to what the chairman of our Traditional Values Coalition said:

“The death of Pope John Paul the Second is the cause for mourning all over the world. Throughout his leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Paul’s theme has always been ‘Be not afraid’. He lived this belief and served as an inspiration to millions of Christians. He was unafraid to challenge the Nazi regime when he was in Poland. And, later, the communists in Poland. And he stood strong with President Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when they worked together to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union. His faith in Jesus Christ was what motivated him to speak out fearlessly about tyranny and to always defend the right to life of the unborn and those who could not speak for themselves. His own physical illness had slowed him down during the past few years but during those times his strong faith in Jesus Christ gave him the strength to carry on with dignity. He was a man of righteousness never wavering in his belief that the holy scriptures were to be obeyed in matters of morals and human sexuality. He will go down in history as one of the world’s greatest leaders. His character and vision for freedom will be sorely missed.”

And we say “amen” to that today because regardless of our theological beliefs and our difference, we need men of stature like Pope John Paul to stand up and oppose evil and he did. We’ve lost a great leader today and so we come today to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church as they seek for someone, hopefully, of that same stature that will stand up for the unborn and stand up for what’s right and defend life and we certainly pray for them today. We need leaders like that.


[Part of prayer]
Today Father we pray – realizing that we’ve lost a great world leader. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church. Ask for wisdom for them. We need someone to be appointed there, Father, and chosen that will carry on this great tradition of Pope John Paul. We thank You for men who stand up for right whoever they may be and whatever denomination or religion they may represent. Father, we just need men who will stand up for what’s right.

You can download it for yourself from there site:

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Or, you can just listen to my shortened mp3 version here.

I do agree with praying for our brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church…that they leave the harlot immediately! I do believe that it is possible for a very small, tiny amount of true Christians who are on babes milk to still belong but have severe misgivings about the following: the pope putting himself in the position of Christ as head of the Church, worship of and prayer to Mary, the eucharist being the actual blood and body of Christ, men forgiving sins, infant baptism, idolatry, purgatory, etc. They need to leave IMMEDIATELY and thank God for removing them from a path to destruction.

You will notice that the pastor seems to not want to focus on these “theological differences” as he only wants to talk about common social issues. Well, those petty “theological differences” are of the utmost importance as the difference is between heaven and hell.

Quote from

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Pope ‘Broadened the Way’ for Evangelicals and Catholics – Christianity Today Magazine

What do you see ahead regarding Protestant and Catholic relations as the College of Cardinals selects a new leader?

The future is intrinsically unable to be penetrated. We are spared by the Holy Spirit from actually seeing the future. But I think the Holy Spirit is at work in ways beyond our knowing in the formation of the body of Christ worldwide. And the 1.1 billion Catholics certainly are a very significant part of that worldwide body of Christ.

Excellent quote from a former pre-tribber

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

I find this quote rather interesting based on when it was written. Mauro lived during the time when dispensation was becoming a popular doctrine because of Scofield’s “bible” (which Mauro specifically addresses in the quote.) The date from this book is 1928. Emphasis added by using bold letters.


Man is fired after questioning the Catholic Church beliefs

Thursday, April 14th, 2005 – News – Radio Host Fired For Wondering If Pope Went To Heaven

“WORD-FM needs to function in this city in support of the entire church — that means everybody — and not focus on denominational issues,” Gratner said.

As the article states, only God can know if someone is truly born again. Jesus though told us we can know people by their fruits. What many don’t realize though, is that the gospel of the Catholic church does not match the bible. You are not saved by having some water sprinkled on you as an infant but only through belief in the salvation of God and repentance of sins.

As for the comment by the WORD-FM manager, it just shows you the true lack of discernment with “evangelicals” in regard to the RCC. Sad indeed.

Example of bad logic – Starting with a theory being true and then seeing proof of the theory in all evidence

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth’s Crust, Breakthrough to Mantle Looms

Already the types of rocks recovered show that conventional interpretation of Earth’s evolution are “oversimplifying many of the features of the ocean’s crust,” said expedition leader Jay Miller of Texas A&M University. “Each time we drill a hole, we learn that Earth’s structure is more complex. Our understanding of how the Earth evolved is changing accordingly.”

This type of logic is seen in theological debates, i.e. the pre-tribulation rapture. If you start off with a premise being true, then any scriptures regarding the issue (end times) will be interpreted as supporting the theory. You see everything through the lense of the theory rather than letting the scriptures speakly plainly and coming to conclusion AFTER seeing all the evidence.

Area church leaders praise pope

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Area church leaders praise pope

Evangelical Christians — who often find disagreements with Catholics on doctrinal points — found common ground with Pope John Paul II when it came to abortion and end-of-life matters.

“We spoke the same heart language on life issues — both the unborn and the elderly in that all life has value,” said Derek Duncan, senior pastor at East 91st Christian Church. “We just have an affinity with him on that we believe the same things that way. That was probably pretty important in establishing bridges in our community.”

Duncan said the pope did well in highlighting what Protestants and Catholics have in common. And he plans to ask his church members today to pray for the Catholic Church and that it will find a successor who shares his convictions on life and devotion to Jesus Christ.

“I think he was actually a really amazing man,” Duncan said. “It is a real sad loss for the faith community in my opinion.”

The line is being drawn

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 | Utah religious leaders praise John Paul

He’s been a great leader for the Catholic people,” said Mike Gray, senior pastor at Southeast Baptist Church, who noted that Baptists and Catholics hold similar views when it comes to being pro-life and against communism.

He’s been a man that has promoted peace and has had a very positive life and ministry leading the Catholic Church,” pastor Gray said.

Is the gospel about social issues?