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Pragmatism from Rick Warren

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

“Christianity Today:
This is for Rick Warren and anybody else who would like to comment. You say that we need motivation, mobilization, but part of mobilization might apply to what we are willing to use. And there’s a controversy over how to approach the AIDS epidemic in Africa, whether to use abstinence programs or condom programs or something like the Ugandan program. I was wondering if any of you gentlemen have a comment.

Dr. Rick Warren:
My personal position is I will use whatever works. And with people who don’t want to use condoms, if there’s certain people who have religious beliefs on that, well then I will work with them in other ways. Those who will use them, and I’ll encourage them in that, too.

PDF of transcript from TIME with Rick Warren discussing his fight against AIDS

So we are going to promote fornication, to stop AIDS?