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Ligonier Finances, Part 1

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

I gathered the information from the form 990 available from the Economic Research Institute.

By clicking on the image below, you will find a salary comparison from 1999 to 2004. Please note that the 2005 financial information is still not available. I included expense accounts as calculated per Charity Navigators.


Tim Dick’s average yearly increase in salary was roughly 45% and in 4 years he nearly tripled (2.97) his salary.
John Duncan – $179,478 for salary

Note, Tim Dick is RC Sproul Sr’s son-in-law, Vesta Sproul is RC’s wife and RC Sproul Jr is his son. Also note that Ryan Dick, Tim Dick’s son, also works for Ligonier.

Potentially more to come.

**Only comments dealing specifically with the content of this post will be considered. This post has nothing to do with Frank Vance, Don Kistler or the Ligonier lawsuit against Mr. Vance. If someone has information they would like to share, like anything to do with 5481 Wayside Drive for instance, please use the link to contact me on the right.**

Articles that are coming soon

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Here is some of the things that will be coming soon to Simply Christian. It has been awhile since I have posted anything but I have been doing lots of research, some minor home remodeling and preparing for our little miracle that is due at the end of October.

My first major post will deal with Ligonier Ministries and their finances. I want to share valuable information with donors about what kind of things are being done with their precious donations like extravagant salaries, etc. The information I collected in readily available on the internet and collected from tax forms and other official documents. In following the Ligonier lawsuit against Frank Vance, I noticed many posts on Vances’ website about financial mismanagement, but Mr. Vance wanted to focus his blog on the lawsuit and not on finances, so I offered to collate and compile all the information to share with others. I will try to handle the common objections which have appeared online when the financial information is discussed, as it seems many people don’t understand the differences between a non-profit and FOR profit business. If anyone has verifiable (i.e. documentation, and not just hearsay) information as to Ligonier financial mismanagement, please contact me through the link on the right.

Other topics that will shortly appear:

• George Washington and his Prayer Journal-Did he actually write it? Where is Christ to be found in his writings?

• Thomas Jefferson’s “bible” that you probably never knew about and answers if he was a deist or not.

• What you need to know about witnessing to Jehovah Witnesses. Debating doctrines with them is not the solution, but the Gospel should be our focus when dealing with them. I will share what I finally figured out today when they left me a Watchtower and I glanced through it.