Sticky – Full Disclosure from Matthew Chancey?(update 5)

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updated 12/9/2008 #5
The 2007 Form 990 for Persecution Project Foundation shows Matt Chancey being paid $70,325, an increase of $7,500 from the previous year.

updated 9/9/2007 #4

The 2006 Form 990 for Persecution Project Foundation shows Matt Chancey being paid $62,500, an increase of $20,000 from the previous year.

updated on 1/19/2007 #3

I found the following quote from a Matt Chancey from Bridgewater, VA on 1/17/2004. I think the comment speaks for itself. How many Matt Chancey’s do we know that are good friends with Doug Phillips? Once again, he is not an “independent investigator” as claimed by Vision Forum.

With great respect to Pastor Hurst and the excellent work of his church, I believe he has missed the mark on the issue of Patriarchy. And I take particular exception to his comments made regarding the ministry of Doug Phillips and Phil Lancaster. Although I am more acquainted with the writings of Mr. Lancaster than the man himself, Doug Phillips has been a dear friend for years and I have read his writings, listened to his sermons, and followed his career. Although I have not always agreed with these men, I do know one thing for sure: they are certainly NOT legalists in any sense. Nor are they men with little respect for the authority and jurisdiction of the Church. There may be some men who see the concept of biblical Patriarchy as a license to become their own Archbishops, but there are a hundred times as many men in the Church today who see “Christian Liberty” as a license to be antinomian. Both positions must be condemned. The simple message of biblical Patriarchy is for men to be men as God intended them. While most teachers are too timid to get specific on child-rearing, loving a wife, providing for a family, etc., Doug and Phil have “stuck their necks out” so to speak and addressed the practical applications of God’s Word. Some may disagree with their applications, but, in my opinion, a charge of “legalism” in this regard reflects a lack of sufficient exposure to the men and their message. I also find it disturbing that so much energy is spent on attacking so-called “legalism” in the church, when we are afloat on a sea of antinomianism. We have far more dead-beat dads in the Church than we have over-zealous “Patriarchs.” Lastly, I have spent countless hours of blessed fellowship with the Phillips family and if their family life is a product of “legalism” then I want heaps and heaps of it in the Church. (emphasis added.)

Source link from Sermon Audio, towards the very bottom.

updated on 1/14/2007 #2

Thanks to indelible Grace for even more Chancey family links to Doug Phillips/Vision Forum. Matthew(Matt) Chancey’s “independent investigation” as claimed by Vision Forum is anything but independent.

myderbe gave some links to Matthew Chancey’s connection to Vision Forum, and mentioned Jennie Chancey’s connection to them. Here are a couple of links detailing Jennie’s connection (there are more out there):

1. Vision Forum has one of her books on their site:

Vision Forum –
Jennie Chancey: Jennie B. and the Pilot
(Simply-Christian note: This audio book is still available on Vision Forum)
2. Jennie spoke at a Vision Forum’s Father-Daughter retreat:

“Jul. 18, 2005 – Jennie Chancey’s Message From Vision Forum’s Father/Daughter Retreat ~ Free Download!”

Oh, why not? Here are yet more links which show how “independent” Matthew Chancey’s investigation is:

Jennie Chancey Responds to Titus 2 Cynics

by Jennie Chancey of the Vision Forum

The Vision Forum outfit was designed by noted Regency seamstress Jenny Chancey

updated on 1/14/2007

Matthew Chancey was involved in the production of “The League of Grateful Sons” which is a product of Vision Forum Ministries. On this page you can listen to several audio excerpts from Matthew Chancey from the film. Also, he wrote an article for the same website.

Doug Phillips calls Matt Chancey a “Vision Forum friend.” A little bit further down the page you can read Mr. Phillips congratulating Matthew Chancey and his wife for the birth of their twins.

It seems he is not the uninterested party he had would have us believe.

original post 12/30/2006

After reading the latest article on Ministry Watchman(now offline) in regard to the alleged stolen Sudan video, and then reading this comment from Croc(now offline), I decided to lookup the Form 990 for Persecution Project Foundation to see if anything about Matthew Chancey would stand out. Persecution Project Foundation is the ministry of Brad Phillips, who is Doug Phillip’s brother.

Year 2000-2005 Form 990

Matthew Chancey has been a director since 2000, the year the IRS granted non-profit status. For years 2000-2004, it showed Matthew Chancey received no income and devoted 1 hour per week to the position.

However, in 2005, Matthew Chancey is reported to have been paid $42,500 working 40 hours per week, with the same position. Evidently he is not such the unbiased observer after all, as Brad Phillips’ ministry pays him.

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    For the record, there is a difference between “uninterested” and “disinterested”. The former means “not interested” and the latter means “unbiased”. It’s the latter definition that we want, here.

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