“Why I am not scared of the threats” written by Elizabeth Giromini

My husband has had a blog for a while now. He posts articles on research he has done into various topics concerning the Christian faith, Christian ministries, current trends within Christianity and the like. He often shares topics with me and keeps me apprised of what new things the purpose-drivens are doing.

Brandon has a strong desire for the truth. It is this quest to shed light on darkness that has driven him to blog about Doug Phillips and Ligonier. In doing so, he has been diligent to be factual, accurate and loving. Love is forgiving, but does not excuse or overlook sins.

Because of his posts we have received several threats by those who would have him silenced. He has received threats of lawsuits, threats to mar his reputation, attempts to damage our marriage and make him fear for his employment.

I have been told there are other men who have been threatened as well. Some tell their wife, who cry and beg them to stop. Some keep it a secret from their wife, for fear their wife will grieve them until they are silent.

I thank God that Brandon and I have such a strong marriage. After receiving his first threat, Brandon informed me immediately and desired my thoughts. At each step as the threats have escalated he has been forthcoming with me, holding nothing back.

God made me a helpmeet for my husband. God has placed a burden of truth and discernment upon Brandon, how could I ask him to be silent? I will not. I will encourage him to do the work God has put before him, regardless of what threats may come.

I am unafraid. I fear the Lord my God who is the King of truth and righteousness. I will not fear man.

Elizabeth Giromini

5 Responses to ““Why I am not scared of the threats” written by Elizabeth Giromini”

  1. Jen says:

    You are my hero, Elizabeth! Your husband will be praised in the gates because of you. Blessings to you, my friend.

  2. Lin says:

    God Bless you, Elizabeth. You said it: We should fear God. Not man. For man can only kill us. God has charge of our eternal life.

    May we all desire Truth.

  3. Justice Prima says:

    Brava!!!!!! What a wonderful testimony for truth.
    I can find things to criticize in the writings of many on both sides of this debate (including my own as much as anyone’s)- but Brandon has consistantly managed to stay on topic and stick to facts.
    He’s also shown himself a master of research- he really is the independent investigator others only pretend to be.

    Thank-you both, Elizabeth and Brandon- your work has been invaluable in helping my husband and I be better stewards of our funds.

  4. Kim says:

    This threatening behind the scenes just makes me sick! Shame on them! Thanks to both of you for your bravery. We need to know what these men are all about.

  5. prayingandthinking says:

    Elizabeth (and Brandon too), Only Jesus Christ alone can do His truth in a person. In what you have written in this posting, your comments glow Him and His truth. Sadly, there appears no fear of God in these people making threats and war, no fear of God, and they want you to fear them. Hebrews 13:6 “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and will not fear what man shall do unto me.” I am sad that there is not such a crowd — a very large number — closing with you and supporting you, so that these cowards step back and hide. O, infinitely better to follow the Lord with Himself alone beside you, than to have countless millions and not have the Lord pleased with you. Thank you, both, for what you have written. God bless you both.

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