“Maxwell Smart” made a comment a while back about Google cache not showing Natasha Epstein as a runner-up in the 2002 Elsie Dinsmore Essay Contest anymore, but it was there when Jennifer Epstein had mentioned it and she even included a link. Now, the current cached page has a date of April 18th 2007 and is still missing Natasha Epstein as a runner up. Well, I have a pdf copy of the original page that includes the following:

Natasha Epstein
Elsie’s life portrays all the mannerisms of a by gone era. In her time, girls were taught to be submissive and refined, not out spoken; fathers and mothers thought about the generations to come, and prepared for them; and in families such as Elsie’s, ladies and gentlemen were taught to be courteous and friendly, always serving others.

You can view the current page:


It does seem however that Vision Forum is misleading visitors by omitting one of the runner-ups. Does this mean that they are revoking her congratulations?

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