Vision Forum Ministries to lose their headquarters due to Eminent Domain?

I received an email this morning from Henry Johnson discussing Vision Forum’s battle with Eminent Domain. While I could not locate anything about this on either the Vision Forum, Inc. or Vision Forum Ministries sites, I was able to find a blog referencing a letter sent to I guess Vision Forum supporters and another website making a plea for help.

See excerpts of the letter sent out by Vision Forum
Public plea for help from FRN

It is public record (PDF download) that the land and building on 4719 Blanco Rd (home of both Vision Forum, Inc. and Vision Forum Ministries) were donated in early 2002 by the Vineyard Foundation.

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  1. Lynn says:

    So how will the city compensate Vision Forum? If quite handsomely, it’s hard to say whether Doug doesn’t want this, or whether it was orchestrated to help out Vision Forum and he is looking forward to it, or even if it wasn’t orchestrated by Vision Forum and he’s still looking forward to it, on account of the potential financial gain.

  2. BGiromini says:

    I am no expert on eminent domain but I am fairly certain you are offered fair market value. The appraised value is near $1 million, but that doesn’t necessarily the city will pay that amount. The location is supposedly not the best part of town so that will probably factor into any price. Remember that Vision Forum Ministries was in the red for roughly $90,000 after the Jamestown extravaganza so they probably could use the capital. I personally believe he should refund every person who purchased Raising the Allosaur the full retail price and with whatever is left compensate Joe Taylor and all those who actually raised it. Isn’t the biblical standard for theft to return 7 times the amount? That would be a good start.

    I don’t believe Doug orchestrated this issue. I do believe however he is purposely playing the persecution card to get sympathy from the greater Christian community.

  3. MennoGirl says:

    At least they aren’t being evicted. I mean, it would be quite the undertaking, but they could just move elsewhere. I don’t want to sound callous, but it doesn’t seem like the guy is exactly hurting for money. I personally would rather support the truly persecuted brothers and sisters than to fund a legal battle.

  4. ShapeNoteSinger says:

    Eminent Domain is a hateful practice, but it all seems pretty poetic, really. The building on Blanco Rd. came to Vision Forum in 2002 as the allosaur was being lifted from Mt. Blanco museum by VF, et al–and now, by the hands of other wicked men, Blanco Rd. is being lifted from VF. Perhaps Mr. Phillips should break the cycle and give the proceeds from the sale of Blanco Rd. to Mt. Blanco for the restoration of their work and livelihood.

  5. Yulina says:

    I think we should be a little more sympathetic. How would you feel if you lost your home? One that you prayed for, that God provided through a miracle.
    In the letter, Mr. Phillips wrote that they had to invest “tens of thousands of dollars” in an effort to get fair market value for their building. The goverment is not likely to overcompensate; for them, the smaller the amount to pay, the better.
    I have seen local instances of businesses ruined because the government did not compensate enough to start over.

  6. ShapeNoteSinger says:

    I would not be unsympathetic in a normal situation, Yulina. And I don’t rejoice that this might have happened. I just found it a wry twist that it would be a legal occurrence that would do Mr. Phillips out of his headquarters. Sort of a ‘beating him at his own game’ since he wielded the sword of legality so mightily against a brother in the faith.

    Ultimately, it is the Lord who will judge and to Him Mr. Phillips will stand or fall in the Mt. Blanco/Allosaur matter. Headquarters, notoriety and monetary profits are of no lasting consequence. Vision Forum has much bigger problems than eminent domain—”for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.”

    May God help us all to remember that this life–including business and buildings–is the shadow, to prepare us for glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.

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