A Realization

I realized today as I showed Brandon the start of my journal that I was wrong about something. It really doesn’t take special people to adopt; it simply takes people obedient to the calling of God.

I watched a few more adoption videos today, several from China and a couple from Russia. I noticed some very dramatic differences.

In the Ethiopian videos, a single family goes into the orphanage that is typically located in poor villages. There they see where their baby or child has been living. They often meet other children there. Despite the fact that most orphans in Ethiopia don’t survive to adulthood, the children and their nannies seem very happy.

In the Chinese videos, many families are shuttled into a waiting room in a building of a large bustling city. The babies are brought out in matching orange jumpsuits and all the mothers hold and bounce their new daughters, as the agency workers look on seemingly emotionless. No one sees where the children had lived their daily lives. The babies seem to accept the change, but none seem overjoyed on their “gottcha day.”

In Russia the children mostly all have looks of hopeless desperation on their faces. They look at the prospective parents, as one new dad put it, wondering if you’re their ticket out of that place.

In all the videos, the mothers cry. In the follow up videos that are occasionally posted, the children seem to be doing well; they smile with their eyes full of life. Especially when they are shown with their older siblings, the love they have for their families is very evident. They love to laugh and play. It seems children are children the entire world over.

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