Highest and Best

Today I was preparing a package to ship to a friend. In it I included a book “Honor your Father and Mother: The fifth commandment for little ones” for her little girl. It comes from Doorposts, a company that produces resources to help parents raise their children in the Lord.

One of the pages spoke of “neglecting duties that are clearly mine while busying myself with other activities that are not my responsibility.” This is a concept I wish I had grasped when I was young. I often chose to do good things, such as playing nicely with my siblings, or making cookies for the family, instead of doing the good thing I was supposed to do, such as my homework!

My mom would often tell me to make highest and best use of my time. I’ve come to learn that daily life is not about effective time management: it’s about obedience. Whenever we are doing a good thing that takes away from what we are called to do, we are being disobedient. If I go to the park with the girls when I am called to stay home and teach Abigail to do the laundry, I’m being disobedient. If I stay home and teach Abigail to do the laundry when I’m called to go to the park, I’m being disobedient.

There is no higher or better use of time and resources than faithfulness and obedience.

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