Today at lunch Abigail snubbed the lettuce wrap I served her. She’s eaten it before and really enjoyed it; it simply wasn’t what she wanted today. She’s been doing that a lot lately, it’s probably a way of exercising her independence. I occasionally will try to figure out what she wants and give it to her, but today I had made lettuce wraps and didn’t want to make anything else.

It reminded me of the Israelites in the wilderness who complained about the manna from heaven. Like Abigail, the Israelites were completely dependent upon someone else for their food. God, in his grace and love provided good food for them, manna. Like Abigail, they were not satisfied, they complained bitterly, they wanted something else, they cried for meat.

So many times we have our own ideas about what we want, or the way we want our lives to go. However, God provides what we need. He gives us what will preserve and grow us, and what will keep us from harm. Many are the times that I have complained about the manna God has given me. I would have chosen other paths, but God has set me where he wants me.

Lord, give me what you know is best. Teach my heart not to complain or grumble but to be satisfied and grateful. Remind me that I am totally dependent upon you for everything. Teach me to have peace and joy in you.

Oh give thanks unto God for he is good; his mercy endureth forever!

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