Only for a season

A few days ago I was desperately trying to get dinner on the table. I knew our chicken probably couldn’t stand any more time in the fridge. I had Sarah in the highchair playing with toys and Abigail in the kitchen helper. I was finishing up the dishes and about to get started on dinner when Abigail decided she didn’t have anything to do and Sarah decided she was bored with her toys. Sarah started wailing and Abigail climbed down, lifting up her arms and calling to be held.

I sighed a very deep sigh. I got Sarah out of her high chair and took Abigail by the hand. We went to sit down on the couch. I stood Sarah on my lap and Abigail squirmed to my right. I closed my eyes and thought if only Abigail was older and I could trust her to entertain Sarah just for a few minutes, I could get dinner going. I just need the chicken cut, the rest I can do while holding Sarah and between playing with Abigail. I thought of how many things I could accomplish in the house if only they were older. It’s only for a season, I thought, consoling myself.

I opened my eyes and Sarah gave me a huge grin and squirmed all over with joy just from my glance. It’s only for a season, my mind repeated with new meaning. I hugged my girls tight to me. We played, we laughed and when Daddy came home, we had breakfast for dinner. My chicken went bad, as did the asparagus I was going to cook with it. I determined to prep dinner the night before after the kids have gone to bed

Someday the laundry will all be done and dinner will be on time every night. Someday I will be able to move freely about the house and use both hands at once. Someday I will have time to garden and do little projects and better maintain a journal. Now, I have my precious babies and they need me, but only for a season.

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