Prayers for our Children

I wrote this Monday night, after we learned we may have miscarried, but before we we certain. When I wrote it I was highly doubtful that my pregnancy test would come back positive, but it did. I decided to leave it as is:

After last week I felt compelled to pray for any of our children that I may not yet know. I prayed that if we had children in this world somewhere already that the Lord would be with them. I prayed that they not feel lonely; I asked that they not suffer or hurt too much in this world without us. I had no idea how real those prayers would come to be to me so quickly.

I may have miscarried on Monday. We’re not certain, we will never be, this side of eternity and if so it was very early. While in my mind I thought I was praying for a child to be ours, I never thought I might be praying for a child of my own womb.

Our God works in many mysterious ways and leads us down paths we never would have chosen ourselves, but he works all things to the good of those that love him.

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