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Threats and accusations Part 2

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Last night around 10:18 p.m. CST I received the following threat from “Marco Hansen” via the contact form on my website supposedly somewhere in Malaysia:

Hey Brandon:

Are you really sure you want to take exception with Matt’s analysis of LG? I have it from the horses mouth that the reason why Harry took down LG was because he was afraid of losing his job. Notice that Matt’s article mentioned his place of business? (more…)

“Why I am not scared of the threats” written by Elizabeth Giromini

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

My husband has had a blog for a while now. He posts articles on research he has done into various topics concerning the Christian faith, Christian ministries, current trends within Christianity and the like. He often shares topics with me and keeps me apprised of what new things the purpose-drivens are doing.

Brandon has a strong desire for the truth. It is this quest to shed light on darkness that has driven him to blog about Doug Phillips and Ligonier. In doing so, he has been diligent to be factual, accurate and loving. Love is forgiving, but does not excuse or overlook sins. (more…)