Link and Comments Policy

Finding a site linked from does not mean I endorse 100% of the material found on that particular site. I will try to determine if a site it worth linking to and if I have specific misgivings about specific information on the linked site, I will make them known. For instance, a lot of sites I link to will have excellent information on the bible version debate and other topics of discernment but will be 100% wrong regarding end times (i.e. they believe in the pre-tribulation rapture for example.) I will especially try to warn readers when I point to a site whose doctrine deviates from Christianity, i.e. unitarian, JW, etc.

Links to articles on from referring sites does not mean that I endorse any of the content on the referring site. Hopefully most reasonable people already understand this as a given, but I like to cover all the bases.

The same goes for comments. I moderate all comments, but just because an individual posts on my blog, does not mean we are in complete agreement. I try to use my best judgment in what to approve but if something shows up that might be questionable please feel free to contact me.

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